How Long Should Carpet Smell After Cleaning? Understand With Micks Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet is starting to smell right after you cleaned then and now you’re wondering how long should carpet smell after cleaning? Well, there is a particular time at which it is okay to smell some certain nasty or funky smell. Moreover, before even asking that question, first you need to know where the smell is coming from and what causes the odour. 

Micks Carpet cleaning experts say interestingly enough if there is an odour in your house, then it is quite sure it is the carpet which is smelling. Moreover, there is a strong odour when you clean them and this is mostly because of harsh old stains and pet urine. Both the urine and the stain particles get stuck in the carpet fibre and when you clean it, it erupts to the surface and starts smelling. Hence, this causes a terrible and funky odour to be present in the house. Secondly, the carpet cleaners have set a specific amount of time where it is okay for them to smell. Moreover, you can use proper sunlight to dry the carpet or use dry methods. 

Usually, it is okay for the carpet to smell a bit after cleaning for about some hours till it dries up. Secondly, the odour is caused by the harsh stuff which is stuck in the fibres and is mainly related to the carpet backing and underlining. Also, when the stinking or funky smell of lingerie for too long even after the drying process then it’s indicating something is wrong. 

How Long Should Carpet Smell After Cleaning

The Risk of Exceeding Smelly Carpet 

Carpet cleaning experts put light on how smelly carpets that smell for an exceeding amount of time contribute to mould formation. As a damp carpet is an ideal place for mould to grow.  Additionally, we can minimize this odour and the risk of mould formation by applying antimicrobial or germicidal on top of the fibres of the carpet. 

If you decide to reclean the carpet after exceedingly smell then this might get things even worse. Moreover, re-cleaning the carpet helps the bacteria to grow even better as it provides moisture. 

Depending on how long the carpet smell is lingering around, the odour poses a danger to your health. Also, a smelly carpet helps bacteria to grow on it which contributes to the smell as well. Moreover, a wet carpet smell proposes a variety of health issues as we breathe in the air, these are 

  • Allergies

You can easily develop allergies when you are exposed to mould spores which spread in the air as they grow on the wet carpet. Moreover, some moulds also contribute to a smelly carpet as well as pose an allergic threat. Also, as you breathe these spores, they deteriorate your lungs and airway which in results causes asthma and other lung diseases.

  • Irritation 

Skin irritation is a common result of having a wet carpet with mould and bacterial growth. As these spores and skin irritation causing bacteria to come in contact with the skin, it develops rashes like eczema. 

  • Mood Swings 

Mood swings are caused by smelly carpet and make it hard to concentrate on your daily activities. Moreover, this smell carpet can cause chronic fatigue and migraines if you are exposed to it long enough. 


Usually, 2-3 hours is the answer to the question “how long should carpet smell after cleaning?” If a carpet smells long enough, it contributes to various kinds of mould growth. Moreover, this alone contributes to bacterial growth which ensures the smell is lingering around for a long time. That is, mould and bacteria contribute to the smelly carpet as they release certain substances which are a major cause of the smell. Secondly, this mould and bacteria which grows on the wet carpet, causing it to smell pose health issues. These health issues can be quite serious depending on how long you have been breathing the spores and the amount of exposure you are getting around the smelly carpet. So, never ignore a smelly carpet and reach out to a professional carpet cleaning expert or keep it under the direct sun and wait till the smell is gone.